How long does it take to install a kitchen?

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It can be difficult to answer a question like “How long does it take to install a kitchen” with much accuracy because every project is different, and installation teams range from DIY newbies to experienced professionals.

However, we also understand that having a rough estimate can help with planning a kitchen renovation. So here are some numbers to help you see how long it might take a professional to install some kitchen units:

● Small kitchen (less than 10m2) – A kitchen this size, with four base units, two wall units and worktops, would typically take around two days.
● Medium kitchen (10m2 to 20m2) – A medium sized kitchen could incorporate around five base units, three wall units and worktops – the work would probably take two to four days.
● Large kitchen (more than 20m2) – For a large kitchen with eight base units, four wall units and worktops, the installation would most likely to take about three to five days.

Please note that these times are not necessarily what you will experience. The complexity of your project, as well as the installer’s proficiency, could mean that the project goes much faster or slower than suggested.

Also, the times given above only include the installation of kitchen units and worktops. Other parts of the project, such as removing the old kitchen, installing appliances, tiling and decorating will need to be added.

In most cases, this will depend upon your experience and individual requirements; at Prept we’re here to help guide you with installing your kitchen within the desired timeframe.

Here at Prept we can help you to create a luxury kitchen to suit your everyday needs. If you’re ready to start planning your Prept kitchen, then use our downloadable kitchen planner graph now. 

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