4 top tips to make more efficient use of the space in your kitchen

In many kitchens space is at a premium and you’ll often find you either don’t have enough floor space or you need more storage space. To aid with this dilemma here is Prept’s 4 top tips to make more efficient use of space in and around your kitchen.

  • Integrate the oven and add a drawer at the bottom.

Adding a built under oven housing is an easy change to implement into your kitchen design. Integrating the oven into the run of units removes the need for end panels that you would require either side of a free-standing cooker – saving you the cost of the panels.

Built under oven housings can also be configured to feature a shallow drawer beneath the oven. While this space isn’t massive it is more space efficient than just adding a filler panel and this drawer is ideal for storage of baking trays and shallow pans.

  • Use reduced depth base units

Space around a door can also be tricky to fill when planning your kitchen. This is because you don’t want to restrict access to the room by making the units by the door too large. Fortunately, there is a solution – you can use reduced depth base units next to a door to provide storage without encroaching on the door itself. This provides the ideal compromise between storage space and accessibility.

  • Add a curved or splayed unit to the end of a run

When planning your kitchen, you may want to add units right up to the door to get the most storage space possible. While in theory this may seem like a good idea, you may need to think about the gaps and space around your door.

Adding a curved or splayed unit to the end of a run by the door will fill the gap while providing more space and improved accessibility. Adding a curved unit has the added bonus of softening the run and making the kitchen more aesthetically pleasing. A quadrant moulding and an end panel can also achieve the same effect within a smaller space and at a lower cost.

  • Use drawer line cabinets rather than highline cabinets

When planning your new kitchen, it might be wise to think about using drawerline base units as opposed to regular highline cabinets. People very rarely fill their cabinets to the very top meaning that there is an area of unused space. So, adding a drawer to the top of all your base cabinets will allow you to use that space to store cutlery, cooking utensils, tin foil and any number of other items.

For more information on how to plan your kitchen to make more efficient use of the space you can speak to a member of our team by calling 01623 752 183. Alternatively, let us plan and design your new kitchen for you. Simply order the 3D design service on our website here, send us your kitchen measurements and we then send you 3D renders and plans of your new kitchen along with a selection of samples to help you decide on a finish.

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